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Play, learn and succeed ... through sport

Play, learn and success… through sport.

The association Sport dans la ville uses the sport to give to young people landmark, values, self-confidence, keys and more chance to success in their social and professional insertion.



Sport dans la Ville has chosen soccer and basketball to get young people involved in sports, help them acquire sporting skills and values (punctuality, hard work, personal investment, group interaction, self-respect and respect for others) and master basic knowledge. It also offers assistance with their professional and social integration.

This begins with soccer or basketball training on Wednesday and Saturday in one of the association’ sports centers. To ensure that everyone is commited and makes progress, great attention is paid to running the training sessions, monitoring each child and coordinating with schools and families.
Young people with exemplary behavior on the field, in school and with their families enjoy holiday stays in France or abroad, through exchanges with partner organizations in Great Britain, India and Brazil.



Sport builds links between the association, the young people, and their schools and families. To support their professional and social integration, several additional programs have been developed by Sport dans la Ville.


  • The Apprenti'Bus allows 300 children aged 7 to 12 to participate every week in workshops to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • L dans la Ville is for girls aged 12 and up, offering sports and cultural workshops, trips and activities to prepare for working life. This program helps girls to achieve their goals and prepare for entry into the world of work.
  • Job dans la Ville focuses on employability. For those aged 14 and up, this program offers personalized career advice. Teenagers are sponsored by working professionals who explain the codes and requirements of the business world, and then help them find internships and work-study or regular jobs. The association also helps young people prepare for working life with company visits, training in finding and applying for jobs, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs dans la Ville offers training and tailored support for young people 20-35 years old who want to start their own business.

These services have been facilitated by the creation of a campus, where sports competitions and many other activities take place. In 2007, the Foundation funded the creation of "Campus Pro Liliane Bettencourt" in Lyon and its expansion in 2013. It continues to support the Job dans la Ville program.


Founded in 1998 by Nicolas Eschermann and Philippe Oddou, two former students at EM Lyon, the association now helps over 3,500 young people every year, including around 1,000 girls, all from disadvantaged neighborhoods.
Focusing initially on Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region, Sport dans la Ville has also been operating in Ile-de-France, where the needs are immense, since 2013.

The program’s results are regularly evaluated and improved. Every year, 250 young people participate in the different vacation programs, and 80% of young people in the Job dans la Ville program leave with a diploma and a job. Since the creation of the Entrepreneurs dans la Ville program, 85 companies have been founded.
Sport dans la Ville has become France's largest association for promoting integration through sports.


Social diversity means getting young people out of their neighborhood. And leading a youth to working life is another way to achieve social diversity.

Philippe Oddou, director of Sports dans la Ville


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