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Les Métaboles

Liliane Bettencourt Choral Singing Prize - 2018

Liliane Bettencourt Choral Singing Prize - 2018

Created in 2010 by Léo Warynski, Les Métaboles is an ensemble of young professionals (between 8 and 24) focusing on the 20th and 21st century choral repertoire, as well as contemporary live music. 

The a cappella tradition and contemporary productions

Les Métaboles is largely focused on the a cappella repertoire, but occasional collaborations with orchestras and instrumental ensembles are also part of its musical program. The ensemble has worked with the Les Siècles orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Multilatérale ensemble.
Les Métaboles also places importance on new compositions, championing the contemporary repertoire. Its musical program covers a wide range, from American, Eastern European and Russian vocal music to opera and French music. 

Raising awareness

From the start, the ensemble has launched initiatives to raise awareness of vocal singing and the vocal repertoire. These initiatives are aimed at different audiences (choirmasters, amateur choirs, school children, conservatoire students and families) in two areas (the Greater Paris region and Alsace). In particular, the ensemble arranges for singers to speak in schools.
Les Métaboles also produces original events, such as olfactory concerts combining music with the work of perfumer Quentin Bisch.

A fast-growing and versatile ensemble

2018 will be the busiest year yet for the ensemble, with 24 concerts and four new productions. The next few years also offer exciting prospects: a residency every three years at Royaumont Abbey (to program concerts and cultural/educational activities), a first international tour (Japan), the operatic version of Papillon Noir and a performance at the Vocal Art Biennial at Philharmonie de Paris in 2020 (Yann Robin’s new piece for choir and the Tana string quartet) are just some of the projects underway for 2019-2020.

Precise, sensitive and bold.

Léo Warynski




Born in 1982, Léo Warynski trained in orchestral conducting with François-Xavier Roth at the Conservatoire de Paris, and Pierre Cao (Arsys Bourogne vocal ensemble). This versatile leader conducts symphonies, lyrical works and vocal pieces, working with prestigious ensembles and orchestras: Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire de Paris, Remix Ensemble, Modern Ensemble, WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia and the Accentus choir. 

Léo Warynski is the art director of Les Métaboles, the vocal ensemble he founded in 2010. In 2014, he was also appointed musical director of Multilatérale, an instrumental ensemble focused on new music. During the 2018 season, he is directing the Orchestre Régional de Normandie, the Orchestre de l’Opéra de Rouen, Yann Robin’s new Papillon Noir opera at La Criée in Marseille, Ondrej Adamek’s Steven Stones opera at the Aix-en-Provence festival, and the French premiere of Frank Zappa’s 200 Motels with the Orchestra Philharmonique de Strasbourg at Festival Musica and the Philharmonie de Paris.

  • 2010Creation of Les Métaboles
  • 2012Théâtre du Châtelet: Pink Floyd Project with Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
  • 2013MMSG’s first sponsorship of the Les Métaboles ensemble
  • 2014The ensemble joins Fevis, the French federation of vocal and instrumental ensembles
  • 2014Record release: Mysterious Nativity
  • 2016Orange Foundation sponsors the ensemble
  • 2016Musica Strasbourg: opening concert and a cappella concert
  • 2016Record release: Une Nuit Américaine
  • 2017Rothko Chapel concert at Royaumont Abbey
  • 2017La Caisse des Dépôts becomes a sponsor of the ensemble
  • 2018Creation of Papillon Noir, a monodrama by Yann Robin with libretto by Yannick Haenel
  • 2018Frank Zappa’s 200 Motels at Festival Musica and Philharmonie de Paris