Our convictions

From its earliest days, the Foundation’s action has been driven by one unwavering principle: contributing to the common good. Acting with complete freedom while remaining true to this principle, the Foundation focuses on three areas of commitment: life sciences, the arts and inclusive society.

As far as possible, the Foundation selects overlooked topics, where it can make a real difference by offering the full support of a private charitable organization – one with enough leverage to achieve results and progressively influence best practices.

In this spirit, the Foundation favors innovation and unconventional solutions, and it is prepared to take risks when facing challenges. Similarly, it invests in education, which is important to each of its three fields of action.

The progress achieved over more than 25 years of activity demonstrates a deeply humanistic approach, based on the conviction that men and women can always push back the boundaries of creativity and intelligence to create new opportunities for the future.

People first

The Foundation commits to projects built on relationships and trust, which is why it supports people who excel in their field and have a talent for pointing the way to the future. By taking an original, sensitive look at the world around them and the potential of their discipline, these women and men are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and finding practical solutions to some of the problems in our society.
The Foundation also supports organizations that are led by creative, charismatic individuals who offer viable solutions with a strong collective impact and are prepared to venture off the beaten track with new methods.


Encouraging creativity

In its various fields of activity, the Foundation favors inventive personalities and innovative projects. It appreciates daring people who are capable of taking initiatives and assuming risk, whether they are researchers, educational pioneers, professional craftspeople, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs, visionary associations or organizations offering new solutions. 
In addition to creativity, the project leaders supported by the Foundation often demonstrate other qualities that inspire respect and lead to success, such as enthusiasm, endurance, sincerity, professionalism and the ability to learn.

Beyond grants

A grant is not an end in itself but the beginning of a story and a shared responsibility. Funding can boost a project by providing the material conditions for creative intuition to flourish.
Just as an investment fund conducts due diligence before selecting promising projects, the Foundation takes the time to verify that its support will help a project attain its goal or reach a milestone. Likewise, it commits to providing lasting, personalized support to favor the success and autonomy of projects, skills transfer and impact assessment. Long creative processes are matched by the Foundation's long-term approach to donations. 


High standards

Choosing projects is not a straightforward process but one that takes time, hard work and discernment. To take the right decisions, the Foundation has developed a multistep, collective approach driven by the opinions of expert individuals and organizations.
A number of criteria are analyzed: Who is behind the proposed project? Does the project offer a real benefit to society? Can this benefit be measured? Is the project replicable? What would it need to be autonomous? Can the Foundation be of real help to it?
Giving a chance to the most gifted requires maintaining high standards, which the Foundation imposes on both itself and its partners.

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