Our actions

Our deliberately open statutes, explicit body of values and 25 years of experience allow the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller to act in different areas and with different approaches, whether short or long term.
Its methods meet the evolving needs of project leaders and society.



The Foundation awards six prizes; four in the life sciences and two in the arts. These awards recognize individuals who are exceptional in their field. Each year, 25 laureates are chosen by independent juries after a demanding and thorough evaluation process.
The prizes, which are recognized in professional circles, can give momentum to a career and encourage winners to keep innovating.


Every year, the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller supports between 120 and 130 projects, chosen after a long evaluation and selection process. Through its involvement, the Foundation’s goal is to make a difference by helping project leaders reach a goal, which is why it prefers multi-year grants and sometimes agrees to significant amounts.


Over time, the Foundation’s support activities have become at least as important as its financial donations recognizing that projects need time to mature or to reach their goals. Its support includes listening to project leaders, conducting various technical analyses and offering a variety of skills, creating a dialogue that can lead to the co-building of the project. To this end, the Foundation forms partnerships with different stakeholders who can make complementary contributions to given objectives.


The Foundation makes a shortlist of projects following a formal procedure, involving the assessment of criteria, consultation with in-house or outside experts, and collegial decision-making.
When a project is selected, an agreement or charter of commitment is signed by the Foundation and the beneficiary.
Throughout the lifecycle of each project, the proper implementation of the agreement is monitored, and ongoing discussions are conducted between the Foundation team and the project leaders to share points of view, adjust the types of assistance to the project needs and make best use of the support provided.
For the largest projects, the Foundation assesses the impact of its contribution on both the organization supported and the beneficiaries of the cause.


Going through the prize-giving, grant and support phases provides the Foundation with a better understanding of the sectors involved and their ecosystems. Armed with a vision and convictions on different sectors, the Foundation can engage stakeholders in a shared diagnosis and shape its activities into programs. Organizing programs by sector or theme enables the Foundation to offer a high-level view, organized action and coherent solutions to priority issues, resulting in a more wide-reaching, sustainable impact. 

Taking the initiative

The Foundation’s methods and procedures guarantee high-quality work. Nonetheless, the Foundation reserves the right to intervene in new ways, through innovative partnerships or the design and launch of independent projects that will in turn, bring support to projects in targeted areas.



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